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The external surfaces of our projects serve as an important application area, determining its overall appearance. Our application of external facades and cladding combine years of experiences in achieving elegant designs as well as ensuring extensive durability against natural conditions. Facade and cladding projects of all sizes are proceeded with attention to detail, ensuring the look and longevity of the surface is achieved at the highest quality.

We understand that the façade of a building is intrinsic to its aesthetic. Without an impactful design, a building can fade into the background with little significance. Stone facades and cladding, however, add an element of grandeur that exudes stature and timelessness.

Chiltern Contracts have been involved in a range of projects involving façade and cladding supply, installation and renovation. One notable example is the renovation of the Portland stone cladding on 65 Whitfield Street, as part of the 80 Charlotte Street development. Chiltern Contracts supplied and manufactured new stone for elements beyond repair and carried out extensive renovation on the stone that could be preserved and restored. The knowledge and experience of our dedicated stone masons was intrinsic to the success of the project.

Chiltern Contracts have an extensive history in supplying, manufacturing and installing stone facades and cladding.

Façades and Cladding

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