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Founded in 1999, Chiltern Contracts began as a commercial tiling and stone specialist and, over time, secured the expertise, labour force, and resources to undertake a variety of packages, including the installation of brick-slips facades and feature walls, external and internal cladding, waterproofing and full system wet rooms, as well as screeding and rendering works.

Commitment to excellence with a proven track record of success

Its experience and assets allow Chiltern Contracts to operate a fully integrated service and provide end to end delivery from design to supply to manufacturing and, finally the installation of material, thereby offering clients vastly improved speed, efficiency and cost control. 

In-House Manufacturing Service

Over the decades, Chiltern has established a reputation for reliability and quality with all of our clients.

As specialists with proven reliability and repute, we believe that standards must never be sacrificed in the pursuit of revenue. We trust that a methodical approach, based on the fundamental principals of our craft and with unrelenting attention to detail, will continue to provide our clients with their desired outcome.

Our Mission


John Apetrei


Chris Ryan

Business Development Manager

Harrison Wood

Finance Manager

Ruth Ryan

Commercial Manager

Amy Foster

Project Manager

Stefan Surbek

Compliance Manager

Camelia Cozmuta


Tom Ryan

Contracts Manager

Bogdan Stefan

Contracts Manager

Danut Iulian Paval

Marketing Manager

Esra Dere

Commercial Assistant

Naomi Popescu

Office Manager

Sacha Ince


Mario Licona

Architectural Designer

Melis Ozkaya

Project Manager

Dan Ion


Radek Podlecki

Site Manager

Claudiu Pegescu

Quality Manager

Danut Paval

Our specialists have decades of experience and our management team has worked on some of the most well known projects in London.

Our Team


Chiltern Contracts see that the UK's construction industry is transforming rapidly to meet the demands of a changing world. As a wider and wider diversity of skills is needed to tackle large projects of ever-increasing complexity, Chiltern believes that the best way to achieve success is by taking a collaborative approach with its clients and partners. 

Collaborative contracting seeks to replace adversarial and confrontational profit-seeking behaviours, with practices that achieve co-operation and mutual trust. Projects can be completed more efficiently and with enhanced value. In 2011 the UK Government placed collaborative contracting at the heart of its strategy to reduce overall construction costs. 

That is why Chiltern Contracts practice a collaborative approach as a core part of every package we offer. We focus on working with our clients and stakeholders to identify and actively manage risks early, develop solutions and work together to build lasting relationships. For Chiltern, a strong and enduring working relationship is paramount and we will never sacrifice either our standards or our clients' interests in pursuit of a final account. 

As we practice these values on every project we are awarded, Chiltern continues to be recommended by our clients. Ask us for references on any of our recent projects.

Mutual trust and respect to reduce costs and improve value

Collaborative Contracting

When we take on packages / services - design starts from the early stages, talking with clients, looking at procurement, agreeing the basis of each project/contract - procurement into the detailed design, CAD/Shop drawings, assisting our clients with specs/ detail - substrate to the finished product - ensure that a smooth transition from start until finish.

In House Design

Collaborative Contracting

The responsibility for implementing this policy rests with our management and site staff and will be practiced by all those who work for us. The personal role of everyone is to contribute to this objective by makings changes, redesigning or enhancing our services and products so as to ensure the best possible working environment for all who work with us or visit us and to minimise our impact on the environment.

To guide the company towards our environmental goals, management of Chiltern Contracts are responsible for monitoring and reviewing the success of the policy and our organisational arrangements for carrying it out. Chiltern Contracts will provide the necessary resources to implement our environmental policy, thereby supporting our efforts. It is based upon continuous improvement, skill enhancement, consultation and the best practice.

We have partnered to be an authorised dealer of Kerakoll adhesive and grout products. Kerakolls Eco range uses fewer natural resources and reduces the impact buildings have on the environment, creating a healthier place for people to live in while also providing the most cost-effective solution. This kind of building makes for healthier living and higher standards of quality and efficiency.

It is the policy of Chiltern Contracts to keep its’ environmental impact to a minimum. In the promotion of this goal our policy is to integrate this company value into all of our practices.

Creating Awareness, Driving Change


This policy will extend to:

Energy consumption, energy efficiency and renewable sources

Sustainable natural materials

Man-made products that are either recyclable or are biodegradable

Recycling of materials and waste products

Reducing noise, air and other forms of pollution

Other aspects as applicable and viable

Chiltern Contracts believe that all environmentally damaging occurrences are preventable and that all our processes should seek to find an environmentally sound way of carrying them out.

It is the policy of Chiltern Contracts to keep its’ environmental impact to a minimum. In the promotion of this goal our policy is to integrate this company value into all of our practices.

Full Company Insurance

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