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One Nine Elms

Nine Elms, London




Tiling, Stone, Screeding


One Nine Elms, a landmark Londondevelopment, features two imposingresidential towers and a premium hotel.The 58-storey City Tower and the 42-storey River Tower are linked by aspectacular glazed bridge, allowing easyaccess to City Tower amenities. The RiverTower's lower levels house a lavish 173-room hotel equipped with top-tieramenities.

As one of the key sub-contractors to Multiplex forthis iconic development by R&F Properties inLondon, Chiltern Contracts is playing a crucial rolein the fit-out of the hotel’s bathroom areas fromLevel 3 to Level 16 at the River Tower as well asthe Mega and Presidential Suites on Levels 17and 18.

Our team provides a diverse range of services thatgo beyond stone and tile work. We have expertly screeded over 13,000 square meters, including thepool area. Furthermore, we took charge of the

design, engineering, manufacturing and installationof steel cantilevers that seamlessly bridged the gap between the concrete slab and the façade throughout the entire project. The metal cantilevers were specifically tailored to meet the project's unique needs and requirements.

Our scope of work continues towaterproofing, floor levelling,flood testing of wet areas, andimpeccable stonecraftsmanship. Moreover, weare responsible for thetemplating, manufacturing, andinstalling of all shower screenson site.In addition to our accomplishments,we have successfully procured andmanaged over 20 different types ofstone and tiles. We have meticulouslyprepared dry-lays and renders for eachstone item, ensuring accuratevisualization of the final outcome.Furthermore, our team has diligentlyproduced detailed BIM & shopdrawings for all our works,establishing us as the lead contractorwithin the bathroom package.On top of that, eight residential bathrooms between Levels 31 and 38 were screeded, waterproofed, and received free-issued stone installation. The task was completed effectively with a satisfactory outcome.

Our commitment is to deliver top-notch quality even in the most challenging timeframes. Just within a span of ten weeks, we efficiently executed stone works across levels 3 to 16, encompassing 173 high-end suites.This impressive achievement was facilitated by deploying up to 64 expert installers during peak periods, allowing us to speed up our workflow without sacrificing accuracy or craftsmanship.This evident efficiency, showcased through our ambitious project, signifies our team's ability to combine speed, skill, and elegance. We offer the promise of top-tier workmanship, the guarantee of outstanding quality, and the assurance of prompt delivery, every single time.

We are also partnering with Mivan, Modular Interiors, Doug Phillips and Barr+Wray creating exquisite spaces within the Swimming Pool area, Wine Bar, Spa, and Gym. Upholding our commitment to quality, we not only execute the installation process but also take charge of the procurement and manufacturing of the stone for these areas. This comprehensive approach allows us to maintain superior quality control at all stages.With detailed layout and design techniques at the core, we assure precision in every segment of our projects, thereby delivering the seamless finish that we are recognized for.

Moreover, we apply specialized techniques like decoupling membranes,

backer boarding, and waterproofing to create a solid base for our tiling work. These crucial steps ensure our exquisite tiles are laid on a sturdy and secure foundation, boosting the overall elegance and longevity of these spaces.

Throughout our latest assignment, we have successfully managed multiple packages simultaneously, maintaining high-end quality standards and ensuring consistent progress. This achievement is particularly significant given the diversity of fit-out contractors involved, each supported by a dedicated team from Chiltern Contracts. Our ability to work seamlessly with these esteemed partners has been crucial. Strong project management and a deep commitment to excellence have enabled us to navigate complex, multi-stakeholder projects effectively. By embracing a collaborative approach, we have not only upheld quality but also showcased our dedication to achieving outstanding results together.


Multiplex, Mivan, Modular Interiors, Doug Phillips, Bar + Wray



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