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Henry Wood House

Oxford Circus, London




Rendering, Facades & External Work


As we near completion, Chiltern Contracts proudly stands as the first company in the UK to introduce Terrazzo and Linear finishes within Sto Signature, elevating Henry Wood House with their unique blend of decorative charm and lasting durability. Our journey towards this groundbreaking achievement involved meticulous planning, including extensive mock-ups and detailed design drawings, to ensure precision and clarity for our client.

But our commitment to excellence goes beyond innovation. The Henry Wood House project encompasses a comprehensive approach, addressing concrete repairs and utilizing the cutting-edge DOFF Cleaning method. This advanced steam technique has been meticulously employed to restore the pristine beauty of the Portland Stone without the need for harsh chemicals, safeguarding its longevity.

Situated at the heart of London's vibrant West End, adjacent to the BBC on Regent Street, Henry Wood House remains a prominent fixture on the city's skyline. Throughout this remarkable project, our dedication to upholding the highest industry standards remains steadfast. Chiltern Contracts is honoured to be part of this journey, creating a lasting legacy of excellence.


Knight Harwood



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