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Angel Central

Islington, London






Innovative and Sustainable Building Renovation at Angel Central

Angel Central is a stunning example of how innovative design and expert craftsmanship can elevate an existing space to new heights. As a key contributor to the regeneration project, Chiltern Contracts installed various Sto render systems to the building's external walls, covering over 600m2 of area.

Our expert craftsmen installed an insulated Sto Render system, light metal substructure, metal copings, and flashings, ensuring a seamless blend with the building's modern aesthetic. The Sto render system not only added to the building's durability but also improved insulation and energy efficiency, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and innovative solutions have made us a trusted partner in the construction industry. Chiltern Contracts is proud to have been a part of the Angel Central regeneration project and to have contributed to its success. The project is a testament to the collaborative effort of all those involved and continues to attract visitors from all over.


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