Creating Awareness, Driving Change

It is the policy of Chiltern Contracts to keep its’ environmental impact to a minimum. In the promotion of this goal our policy is to integrate this company value into all of our practices.

The responsibility for implementing this policy rests with our management and site staff and will be practiced by all those who work for us. The personal role of everyone is to contribute to this objective by makings changes, redesigning or enhancing our services and products so as to ensure the best possible working environment for all who work with us or visit us and to minimise our impact on the environment.

To guide the company towards our environmental goals, management of Chiltern Contracts are responsible for monitoring and reviewing the success of the policy and our organisational arrangements for carrying it out. Chiltern Contracts will provide the necessary resources to implement our environmental policy, thereby supporting our efforts. It is based upon continuous improvement, skill enhancement, consultation and the best practice.

This policy will extend to:

  • Energy consumption, energy efficiency and renewable sources
  • Sustainable natural materials
  • Man-made products that are either recyclable or are biodegradable
  • Recycling of materials and waste products
  • Reducing noise, air and other forms of pollution
  • Other aspects as applicable and viable

Chiltern Contracts believe that all environmentally damaging occurrences are preventable and that all our processes should seek to find an environmentally sound way of carrying them out.


We have partnered to be an authorised dealer of Kerakoll adhesive and grout products. Kerakolls Eco range uses fewer natural resources and reduces the impact buildings have on the environment, creating a healthier place for people to live in while also providing the most cost-effective solution. This kind of building makes for healthier living and higher standards of quality and efficiency.

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