Semi-Precious Stone Collection

The Precious stone collection is made up of semi-precious materials bound together with epoxy resin and are then calibrated and polished to create there unique style and finish. Each piece is handcrafted and follows an extremely careful manufacturing process.


The Semi-Precious stone collection is obtained from fossilised materials and quartz of the highest purity, creating a harmonious combination of natural elements and stunning visual attraction.


The Semi-Precious stone collection is made from high quality raw materials which respond well to fabrication. In terms of manufacturing and fabrication the Precious material responds like granite so any stonemason can work with it without needing any further specialist equipment.


Slab Sizes: Approx 277 x 147cm (2cm thick) Tiles come in 2 or 3cm thick in any format. We also offer cutting to size.


If you wish to view our Semi-Precious stone Collection or would like further information on our products and services you can visit our showroom or contact us.

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