Apparatus Studio

Apparatus Studio - Case Study

7 Mount Street, London

Location Mayfair, London

Sector Retail

Client Takenaka

Service Tiling, Internal Cladding

Explore the transformation of 7 Mount Street, where Chiltern Contracts and Takenaka collaborated to redefine the elegance of Apparatus Studio through exceptional stonework and meticulous craftsmanship.

Chiltern Contracts is proud to announce the completion of the project at 7 Mount Street, a property hosting the prestigious Apparatus Studio. We collaborated with our client, Takenaka, to transform the space using the free-issued Stone and marble, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

The renovation included the complete re-screeding of the studio floors, paving the way for our new-level stone and marble installations. A highlight was the meticulous cladding of stone on the window bays, bringing a unique touch to the aesthetic.

In a challenging yet fulfilling feat, we dismantled the existing staircase screed to prep the base for new levels. This set the stage for our masterful installation of marble, truly showcasing the Chiltern Contracts craftsmanship. The marbles for the staircases were manufactured at our Bedford factory, utilizing the precision of water jet cutters.

Several impressive variations were added throughout the project. We meticulously templated, fabricated, and installed stone at the reception desk and client vanities, enhancing the first impression for any visitor. The BOH client storage countertop, pantry sink cabinet, and pantry cabinets were also adorned with our expertly crafted stone to joinery units.

Additionally, we installed stone to plinths, featuring our skilfully fabricated Calacatta Marble. We also supplied and installed backer boards, enabling a seamless installation of vein-matched marbles. The outcome is truly a testament to our attention to detail.

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